Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Story - test 2

The light trick

It’s around 6 in the morning, Ty, a 16 year old boy, decides to wake up early to catch a shooting star. He wishes “to fly away”. Ty lies patiently on his house’s rooftop observing the sky; its depth, its obscurity and its beauty. His thoughts got quickly disturbed when he heard some noises. He gets up and looks around with caution. This time he distinguishes the sounds as a growling noise and catches a glimpse of a frightening shadow. Is it a monster? It strangely looks like a giant dinosaur to him. The shadow moves closer to him. Ty panics and trips from the roof and falls down landing inside a garbage can!

Following the source of the shadow, a small figure appears back light on another rooftop. The mysterious monster has nothing terrifying, in fact, this cute little dragon, Tatsu, is simply tricking Ty with his electric flashlight. Tatsu starts moving closer to Ty, trying to jump from one house to another since he is unable to fly. Ty, still in the garbage can, resolved to take a look of what is happening. When he tries to take a pick, his body weight unbalance the garbage can making them fall down and roll along the road’s path.

The sun is rising, people are going to work and driving around carelessly. Tatsu realizes what is happening and starts running as fast as he can to save Ty! Ty is all shaken up in the garbage, he tries to get out but his head got almost hit by a car. The downhill road is getting flatter making the garbage can come to a halt. However, a truck is only a few feet away ready to crush him down. Tatsu jumps down from the roof as a final attempt to help him, while Ty is trying to get out of the garbage. His heartbeat racing fasterthan ever, his blood pressure increasing following the flow to his lungs, Ty finally open his eyes and sees clouds. He is flying through the air but he is not alone. Ty sees that Tatsu grew as a full dragon and is now finally flying holding him.

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