Monday, September 19, 2011

Story - test 1

Well, here is the first shot at my story line:

The light trick

Admiring the last minute beauty of the darkness, Ty, a 16 years old boy, is laying pensively on his rooftop. It’s around 6 in the morning. Ty decided to wake up early to catch a shooting star. He wants to make a wish “to fly away”. Waiting patiently, he observes the sky; its depth, its obscurity and its stars. His thoughts got quickly disturbed when he heard some noises. He gets up and looks around suspiciously. This time he distinguishes the sound as growling noises and caught a glimpse of a frightening shadow. Is it a monster? It strangely looks like a giant dinosaur to him. The shadow moves closer to him. Ty panics and trips from the roof and falls down landing on the garbage!

In the meantime, the actual monster is not so terrifying. This cute little creature is a dragon that is simply tricking people with his flashlight. The poor Tatsu was abandoned when his parent discovered that he couldn’t fly.  Nonetheless, he is extremely sneaky and playful. While Tatsu is still fooling around with his flashlight, Ty is really scared to get out of the garbage. When he tries to take a pick outside, he falls down and the garbage starts rolling down the road.

The sun is rising up, people are going to work and are driving around carelessly. Tatsu realizes what is happening and starts running as fast as he ever did to avoid the inevitable! Ty is all shaken up in the garbage, he tries to get out but his head got almost hit by a car. The road is getting flatter and the garbage finally comes to a halt. However, a truck is only a few feet away ready to crush him down. Tatsu jumps from the roof he was on as a final attempt to help him, while Ty is trying to get out of the garbage.
A few moment passes and Ty opens his eyes and sees clouds. He is flying through them but he is not alone. Tatsu grew as a full dragon and is now finally flying holding Ty.

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